What is the Barnard PTA?

The mission of the Barnard PTA is to enhance the learning experience and environment for all students and staff through material and physical support of the school. Over 80% of our budget goes directly to curriculum support, additional aides in the classroom and classroom supplies.


  1. Provide funding for educational programs, including Chinese cultural classes, supplemental science, and other curriculum materials.
  2. Support the immersion program by funding guest teachers and interns in the Mandarin classrooms.
  3. Provide funding for at least one field trip for each class.
  4. Provide opportunity and support for after school enrichment activities and clubs.
  5. Provide grades 3-5 with academic planners.
  6. Provide funding for professional development for all teachers.
  7. Provide teachers with volunteer help and needed classroom supplies.
  8. Create on- and off-campus activities for students and families, including family Art, Science, and Writers’ Nights; the annual school dance, talent show, and theater productions; and our renowned community Chinese New Year festival; and so much more.
  9. Organize fundraising events such as the Jog-a-thon, auction, and more!

How can you help?

  1. Join the PTA!
  2. Participate in the Barnard Annual Giving Campaign (BAG).  We’d like to see 100% of our families participating.  Every dollar counts, and every dollar is appreciated!
  3. Sign up for our eBlast.  Stay informed.
  4. Attend PTA Meetings – your input is valuable!
  5. Volunteer your time.  Teachers, staff, everyone needs help!  Do you have a special skill that might be needed?  Let us know!

Questions?  Contact BarnardPTA@gmail.com