Parent Resources

Welcome to Barnard! We are excited to meet the new kindergarten, TK, and upper grade parents in our community!

Please give us your contact information via this online form so we can tell you about important summer dates, keep you informed of school events, and remain in touch throughout your years at our school.

Here are some resources to help you prepare for school:

  1. 2017-2018 Year at a Glance: This document contains a monthly listing of Barnard’s meetings, events and holidays for the 2017-2018 school year.
  2. Parent Handbook: This book will help all new parents (not just kindergartners) navigate your their student’s first year at our school.
  3. New Parent Mentor Program: Join this program if you want to be matched with a seasoned Barnard family who can help guide you through your first few months at our school. Parents of incoming students in any grade are welcome to participate in this program. More information can be found here. Registration for this program can be completed on the PTA info form here.
  4. Barnard Calendar: Follow the calendar on the school web site so you are familiar with upcoming dates.
  5. Cafeteria accounts: Prepay for your students’ meals with your PayPams account on the SANDI Web site. Use this link to learn more about the meal program, register for an account and add money to your child’s cafeteria plan.

Sign up for PTA and school communications here:

    • eBlast: Enter your e-mail address here to receive the PTA’s weekly newsletter.

    • Facebook: Join our Facebook group for updates, reminders, and conversations about life at Barnard.

  • Peachjar: Peachjar is the school’s electronic flier mailing system. Visit this page to see all Barnard fliers.

Need more information? Have more questions?

Contact Love Zubiller and the Barnard Welcome Committee. We’re happy to help!