Room Parents

Every classroom at Barnard needs at least one dedicated room parent whose job it is to coordinate class events; facilitate communication among the PTA, the teacher, and the parents in the class; and to provide assistance to the teacher as needed. Volunteers for this role are solicited at the start of each year.

The primary function of the room parent is to facilitate communication to the other parents in the class, whether it is from the teacher, the school administration, or the PTA. Most room parents find it beneficial to create a class Shutterfly page.

Room parents are required to attend a monthly meeting to learn about the upcoming events, new school policies, and other ways that parents can get involved to help the school. Room parents may be asked to help the teachers coordinate the schedules of the classroom volunteers to ensure that the teacher has adequate coverage or assist with various activities.

If you are interested in being a room parent, see our room parent job description [here], and get in touch with your teacher at the start of the year.