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Nǐ hǎo! Welcome to Barnard!

Thank you for your interest in Barnard Mandarin Magnet Elementary School and the Barnard PTA. 


 – Welcome to all families admitted to the incoming 2022-23 class! We look forward to meeting you soon. Please complete our new parent contact form here and find out about summer playdates, our mentor program, and more on our new parent resource page.

 – Calling all seasoned Barnard families: become a Barnard mentor this summer! This is your chance to share your experience as a Barnard parent with a new family as they dip their toes into this fantastic school community. Read all about it here and then add your name to this form — we’ll hook you up with an incoming family this summer!

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Parents and legal guardians of current Barnard students are invited to join the Barnard Friends and Family Facebook group. Information about upcoming events, fundraisers, and PTA meetings will be available both on this website and the Facebook page. Check back often for current information. If you are enrolling your student at Barnard this fall, please request to join our group once the school year begins.

See what’s coming up at Barnard on our calendar:

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